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Mme KASZTA Zaneta

Żaneta holds a Master of Biology (spec. Environmental Biology) and Geography (spec. GIS and Remote Sensing). She is experienced in mapping environmental pollution and modeling ecological corridors.

As a part of ANAGEO team, she works now on GRAZEO project (Grazing suitability indicators from Earth Observation to improve buffalo-cattle contact risk models). GRAZEO is a spin-off of the previous project - EPISTIS.

The main objection of GRAZEO is to explore the potential of new generation very-high resolution optical satellite sensors (WorldView-2) in mapping vegetation attributes in savannah areas (fringe of Kruger National Park) in order to improve fine-scale modeling of buffalo-cattle contact risk as the main factor of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) transmission in South Africa.

Mme KASZTA Zaneta


Chercheur, Doctorant




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