Institut de Gestion de l'Environnement et d'Aménagement du Territoire


After having studied Art History and Archeology and worked as an archeologist for more than 10 years, Anya joined the tourism department in 1997 focusing on the heritage-tourism relationship. Over time, her research evolved including different aspects of cultural tourism, such as heritage management, urban slum and ethnic tourism in India and Europe. Since several years, her research integrates aspects of social tourism in Europe and the benefits of tourism on well-being and social inclusion. She has collaborated in numerous national, European and international research projects.

Domaine(s) d’activités

-        Heritage management

-        Slum tourism

-        Minorities tourism

-        Social tourism

-        Rights and tourism

-        Intercultural exchange through tourism


Anya is guest lecturer at the university of Leuven (KuL) and at the university of Mumbai. In addition, she participates in teacher training programs in Vietnam.


-        MEMO-F401 et F528- Mémoire de fin d'études

-        TOUR-F519 - Analyse et gestion des aspects sociaux et culturels du tourisme

-        TOUR-F419 - Cultural tourism issues – co-titulaire Benoit Remiche

-        PEDA-F400 - Méthodologie universitaire

-        TOUR-F427 - Méthodes de recherche en tourisme - co-titulaire Jean -Michel Decroly

-        TOUR-F524 - Travaux de recherche en tourisme 2 - co-titulaire Jean -Michel Decroly

-        TOUR-F500 - Stage

-        TOUR-F303 - English for tourism studies





Directeur / Co-directeur d'unité, Président



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