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Pr. ACHTEN Wouter


Wouter is a Bioscience engineer (Land and Forest Management) by formation. After graduating he spend one year as a volunteer in an agricultural project in Tanzania, where he was confronted with land conversions to biofuel crops. This triggered him to investigate on the sustainability of biofuels, for which he was able to secure a personal PhD scholarship. During this PhD he focused on life cycle assessment (LCA) to evaluate the environmental performance of biofuels, but also worked on methodological advances and plant specific issues. During the 4 years PhD research he stayed a total of 19 months abroad at foreign research institutes. Gaining expertise in life cycle thinking he also evaluates food products, biobased plastics, wood products and insect based protein products. In these activities Wouter contributes to sustainable development by providing an environmental, social and economic systems insight in these interdisciplinary projects, optimization feedback and life cycle engineering solutions, e.g. end-of-life options, cascade use, temporary storage.

Job offer

Domain of activity

Expertise and interest

  • life cycle thinking (life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, social life cycle assessment)
  • environmental impact management
  • land use impact
  • carbon accounting
  • methodological development


Fields of application

  • biofuels
  • biobased materials
  • food (systems)
  • feed
  • agriculture





  • Connaissances scientifiques de base (ENVI F 453) (5 ECTS) (Achten)
  • English for tourism and environmental studies (TOUR F 303) (10 ECTS) (Achten, Bauler, Diekmann)
  • Analyse et gestion des impacts environnementaux (ENVI F 452) (5 ECTS) (Achten - coordinator, Bauler, De Smet, Godart)
  • Méthodes d’analyse et de gestion des impacts environnementaux, questions approfondies (5 ECTS) (Achten, Bauler, Godart, Zaccai) – part : Méthodes d’analyse et de gestion des impacts environnementaux (Achten)
  • Projet interdisciplinaire 2 (ENVI F 501) (5 ECTS, Théorie 12h, Exercices 24h) (Achten, Bauler, Zaccai)

Research projects (selection)


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Pr. ACHTEN Wouter






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