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Mr. GEORGANOS Stefanos


Stefanos Georganos, is a doctoral student at Universite Libre de Bruxelles. He does research in remote sensing and geostatistical modelling. His latest published research is related to the modelling and mapping of household wealth in African cities through the use of very-high-resolution remote sensing.

Domain of activity

Stefanos research interests are related to i) technical concepts of remote sensing and geographic image analysis such as machine learning and image classification and ii) spatial statistics and modelling such as population distribution, poverty and slum mapping. Stefanos is a lively proponent of the open source and access movement ( and prefer to conduct his research only through free and open source software.

Research projects (selection)


  • Associate researcher of the Spatial Analysis Research Group (SARG) of Harokopio University, Athens (
  • Reviewer Board in Remote Sensing

Mr. GEORGANOS Stefanos


Chercheur, Doctorant





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