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Grégoire Wallenborn, physicist and philosopher, works as a leader project at the Centre for Studies on Sustainable Development (IGEAT-Free University of Brussels). He coordinates different projects on household energy consumption including scenarios of transformation of consumption practices and aspects of social inequalities.


Domain of activity

Physicist and philosopher by backround (masters obtained at the ULB), I first studied the relations between experiment and theory in physics, adopting an STS (Science and Technology Studies). The question of "popularization of science" has long interested me, both on a theoretical level and in concrete achievements. I have come the theme of sustainable development through the communication of this complex subject matter and via the precautionary principle.

Researcher at the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (IGEAT-ULB) since 2002, I have built my research by combining questions relating to the environment, technology and everyday life. I have coordinated and participated in numerous interdisciplinary research projects related to domestic energy consumption. In particular, I study how social practices evolve with technical devices and look for ways to integrate users and consumers into the analyzes of production and consumption patterns.

My doctoral thesis used four theoretical frameworks or "disciplinary ontologies" (neoclassical economics, ecology, technology, social practices) in order to analyze the "rebound effects", which lead to an overconsumption of energy following an improvement in energy efficiency.

During the year 2016-17, I completed a post-doc at EDF (Paris), in collaboration with DEMAND (Lancaster) on household practices at





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