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Holder of a Master’s degree in environmental management, Aurore Fransolet currently pursues a doctoral thesis under the supervision of Professor Tom Bauler at the Center for Studies on Sustainable Development (CEDD) of the Université libre de Bruxelles. Her research interests include public governance in the field of energy, and more specifically the role of low-carbon scenarios in political practices.

Academic background

2011 - 2013. Master’s degree in environmental management, Université libre de Bruxelles. Magna cum laude.

Master thesis: «Walloon stakeholders’ perception of implementing policy instruments aimed at building a low-carbon society by 2050». <>

2010 - 2011. Preparatory year to Master's degree, Université libre de Bruxelles. Cum laude.

2007 - 2010. Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège. Magna cum laude.

Domain of activity

Aurore pursues a doctoral thesis entitled «Reflexive implications of (not) knowing governance: A socio-political analysis of low-carbon scenarios». This project, financed since October 2014 by a 4-year FNRS fellowship, focuses, on the one hand, on the representations of governance produced in low-carbon scenarios (Knowledge of political practices), and, on the other hand, on how low-carbon scenarios shape governance (Knowledge in political practices).


Chapter "Chemistry" of the course "Basic knowledge of science" [ENVI-F-453]. Academic years 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

Supervision of Master students in environmental management for the course "Interdisciplinary project I" [ENVI-F-422]. Academic years 2015-2016 and 2017-2018.


Research stays

Visiting PhD candidate at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Division of Environmental Strategies Research FMS (Stockholm, Sweden, 13 April - 22 June 2015 and 23 May - 1 July). Participation in the research project «Beyond GDP-growth: Scenarios for sustainable building and planning» under the supervision of Professor Åsa Svenfelt.

Presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops

Fransolet A. 2017. «Role of foreknowledge in public policy: A comparative analysis of four energy foresight studies in Wallonia (Belgium)». Communication presented at the 2nd International Conference on Anticipation – Anticipation 2017 (London, United Kingdom, 8-10 November 2017). <>

Fransolet A. 2017. «Des scénarios bas-carbone au fond du tiroir? Discussion du rôle de la prospective dans l'élaboration de politiques énergie-climat». Communication presented at a seminary organised by the SPW-DGO4 (Namur, Belgium, 11 October 2017). <>

Fransolet A. 2017. «Les outils d’aide à la décision vers un développement durable: Le cas des scénarios bas-carbone». Communication presented at the Ecology and Sustainable development Day of the ULB (Brussels, Belgium, 26 September 2017). <>

Fransolet A. 2017. «Les usages politiques de la prospective: Des scénarios bas-carbone au fond du tiroir?». Communication presented at the seminary of the IWEPS – Futurama (Namur, Belgium, 7 September 2017). <>

Fransolet A. 2017. «What are the conditions for scenarios to configure policy making? A comparative analysis of four energy foresight studies for Wallonia (Belgium)». Communication presented at the 18th International Futures Conference - Futures of a Complex World (Turku, Finland, 12-13 June 2017). <>

Fransolet A. 2015. «Toward a methodological framework for integrating governance in regional-scale low-carbon scenarios». Communication presented at the 17th International Futures Conference - Futures studies tackling wicked problems: Where futures research, education and action meet (Turku, Finland, 11-12 June 2015).

Fransolet A. 2014. «Toward a low-carbon Wallonia in 2050: Limits and challenges of current governance». Communication presented at the Workshop of the RSA Research Network - How to govern fundamental sustainability transition processes? (St. Gallen, Switzerland, 10-11 July 2014).

Fransolet A. 2014. «Walloon stakeholders’ perception of implementing policy instruments aimed at building a low-carbon society by 2050». Communication presented at the 4th UNICA Green Academic Footprint Workshop - From strategic tools to environmental management systems: How to strengthen the sustainability policy of your university (Brussels, Belgium, 26-28 March 2014).

Publications for the general public

Fransolet A. and Calay V. 2017. «La prospective au service de la transition vers une société bas-carbone». In Inside COPs. <>

Bauler T. and Fransolet A. 2014. «Sociaaleconomische ongelijkheden in koolstofarme strategieën op het Waalse en federale niveau». In Armoede en sociale jitsluiting: Jaarboek 2014. <>


2015. La Première. «Transition vers une société bas-carbone : Qui sont les gagnants et les perdants?» Carte blanche, 8 décembre.

Other activities

Participation in the PhD course «Innovation and sustainability transition» organized by the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI) at the University of Tromsø UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø, Norway, 14-18 March 2016).

Participation in the autumn school «Scientific policy-advice under (deep) uncertainty: The case of energy scenarios» organized by the Helmholtz Research School on Energy Scenarios at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany, 13-17 October 2014).