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Wellbebe Final Report Phase I

Sustainable development will not be achieved without some fundamental changes in our patterns of living. Therefore, it will be necessary to rely less on material commodities and more on immaterial goods to realise our conception of a good, valuable life while maintaining or even improving our overall well-being. However, in order to trigger a democratic and participative transition towards sustainable development, it is necessary, first to know what are the shared conceptions of a good, valuable life and second, what criteria citizens use to assess social arrangements in terms of quality of life. On the other hand, improved indicators of well-being have become indispensable to guide public policies as it is widely acknowledged that increasing production and consumption has ceased to induce more well-being and happiness.


Bauler T., Boulanger P.M., Lefin A.L., Prignot N., (2009), Towards theoretically sound and democratically legitimate indicators of well-being in Belgium, Brussels: Belgian Science Policy, 56 p, research project SA/TA/09A.

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