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Beyond Apparent Stereotypes (BAS)


The BAS project, a partnership between universities and schools from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain, wishes to go beyond cultural general representations and provide students with a deeper insight on cultural characteristics, such as lifestyle, cultural heritage and social habits and understand the underlying reasons. The core objective is directly related to the need for a transnational approach, as in addition to the positive and constructive cognitive experience, the mobility of youngsters contributes to the shaping of a sense of place and a European identity through the building of bridges encompassing geographical and cultural boundaries.

The objective of the project is therefore to develop intercultural competences and skills among young people at secondary school level of 15/16 years of age. Building cultural skills and competences teaches pupils to analyse people as distinct and multifaceted individuals and moves beyond natural stereotyping and clichés fostering social inclusion. The aim of BAS is to tackle and surpass the existing stereotypes and to lower prejudice. The best way of doing so is to immerse the students in another cultural context through a series of intercultural exchange trips and related activities.

In a nutshell the BAS “Beyond Apparent Stereotypes” project will provide:

- Four interculutral exchanges.

- A three-part research.

- A toolbox with recommendations for the organisation of intercultural exchange trips.

For more info visit the project website:

Beyond Apparent Stereotypes


2018 - 2021